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The Union Was Busted

Tired to the bone,
The face in the family photo.
Looks like a weary stranger.
and not my own.

Bargaining a wage,
Is no longer a rule of thumb.
We labor more than ever,
No time for rest, are we dumb?

The global climate change not weather,
rather in jobs for the local.
Going to unregulated countries abroad,
Liberties vision out of focal.

Politicians more corrupt than ever,
Making concessions overseas.
War is becoming a big business,
Where are the jobs, the peace?

The inflated prices eat away our savings,
When we are old the monies will be gone.
Our children cannot afford an education,
But we educate the foreigner as a pawn.

Fight for america while the rich enjoy the sun,
Their children safe in college having fun.
Our children ducking bullets a chance to return,
To a land with no health care or pension earn.

The Union was busted,
The american dream inflated doldrums of hypocrisy feed.
The Union was busted.
Divided, conquered and paralyzed by Wall streets greed.

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Full of truth and insightful.
For me it is a grace that any poet soul would ever try to tell of paths that split in woods this is a great poetic concern who reflects on poetry itself............ love that knows no bounds. thank you dear poet. tony