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Untitled (Love Poem)
ML (6/30/89 / Toledo Ohio)

Untitled (Love Poem)

My doubting mind knows
That you do not want me
It would never work out
Anyone can see

I am lonely for the touch
And I really miss the lust
I really miss the kissing
I miss the stupid trust

I miss the secret groping
The touching in the night
I miss knowing someone wants me
The passionate delight

I miss the guarding protection
The jealousy gone mad
How people look so good outside
But really act so ‘BAD’

I miss the spontaneous kindness
The cheek pecks all around
I miss having arms about me
And that wonderful ‘I LOVE YOU’ sound

I know I will die a spinster
Curled up in my bed
But what I really wish
Is that I had you instead

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