MG (22nd September / London)

Untitled Regrets

Ever done something you shouldn't have?
Straight away, could you feel it was wrong?
Or did it take a while
For regret to take hold?
But you can't change the past,
Can't take back the words,
Can't undo the damage,
Can't forget,
Can't let go of what might have been.
You can't change the past.
So, sugar, look to the future.

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the last 2 lines say it all...I never regret...I acknowledge, I learn, I move on...nice work.
Ouch! this one hit hard, Yes to most of those questions, if I could take back any pain that I have caused, I would do it within the blink of a gult ridden, tear filled eye, but like you so succinctly state in this great little slice of humanity, we can't undo the past, but we can look to the future and try harder not to repeat our mistakes. Thanks for reminding me, Tai