MM (When it happens / )

Untitled. Sorry.

Hold me,
Tell me the world's allright,
Tell me there's no horrors,
no reason to be strong.
I don't wanna stand and fight,
don't wanna...despise you...but I do...

I love you so much, that my hands find their way across your throat,
Must I destroy you, to show no harm will come to you?
Must I throttle your pearly neck, to protect you?
I just wanna splash your blood across the wall,
I don't wanna look at you, but still instead of killing you
I pull you from the fire, sheltering you against the flames,
I wanna end your life but I sacrifice my life for yours,
Why can't I be selfish, why do I turn the other cheek,
hands trembling for murder carressing you from danger,
WHY? ! Why do I forgive you, this isn't fair, I despise you, yet I'll never...
hate you, as I should...this isn't

Hush young child,
come in from the cold,
I'll protect you from the cold,
the darkness deep outside.
don't mind him, he's had it rough,
You Know.
Always suppressed, smiling when his hatred looms,
It's sad, but true.
But you mustn't worry about him,
I'll play the Paladin, and
push him down again.
It's not fair, no. But we'll live.

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