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Untitled Sound

Untitled Sound

let me hear you dance

let me hear you step lightly
let me feel the music running in your veins
guiding you as you act out its message
let me hear the rose-scented air
being cut into shapes by your limber body

let me hear you twirl gently
let me see your tutu, fanning sunshine
that came through an open window
let me hear your softly sighing soul
as you move to notes far greater than mine

let us watch as your dancing troupe
brings life to music, brings music to sight
sweeping the mirrored stage with long musical arms
we stare in wonder and awe, chanting:

let us hear you dance

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Comments (2)

I loved this poem! it is very beautifully written and very gentle. especially the stanza 'let me hear you dance' is amazing, it gives you directly the subject of the poem and creates an image and sound in your head! Great work! ! well done HBH
I like the whole idea of hearing someone dance....I wondered if you needed the third stanza? Maybe cut that one out? I love the rose scented line...great line! And the tutu line is also wonderful. Viens? Should that be veins? I think so. Very good poem!