Poem By Priscilla Garcia

I can see the rage in your eyes
I'm here to guide and walk with you
Rage... Don't let it taint your soul
I know that your heart is prepared
For the rigors your body and mind must endure

Suffering... until they were defeated
As our eyes adjust easily to darkness
So too our hearts adjust to despair and wickedness
You are strong
To find harmony between ever-present good and evil
You are weak
To find it as justification of sin

As we go along the path
You must understand the root of your anger
And come to terms with it
Look inside yourself, into the mirror of your soul...

Such introspection is best done by yourself
Leave them behind
I'm sure they understand

You are blessed with free will and the ability to dream
'To dream that everyone would accept the grace...'
Choices? Grace? Blessings?
To be granted with great powers,
Your desire must come from devotion and selfishness
Desire them for the protection of others...

While walking a great change has come over you
Your anger is gone now... replaced by a great sadness
What did you see?
'I was thinking about... my destiny.'
'Ahhh, your destiny'

We choose to define our paths and our actions by our destiny
We spend so much time...
It is not something that can be found through mortal means...
It is given, not found

To be strong
Leave your emotions aside and walk down this path which you have chosen
Remember who you are
Do you want to allow regret and despair?
Over time, you will tie and unite our strings of faith together...

It was your destiny... It was where your path led...
Whether it's a path towards glory and virtue
Or towards dread and loneliness, you must walk it
If it is the grace... You will have no regrets...

Your destiny has been fulfilled
I am no more than a memory now
You must let go of this pain, and walk your path unburdened
'I would never want to hold you back'

'How? How can I ever let this go? '

Let the sadness touch your heart
And bury the resentment in your memory
Learn what you can and leave them
They serve no other purpose

'You look like a different person now, brother.'
'I can feel a sense of peace about you.'

'Different... is that a good thing? '

Becoming different means that you have grown in some way
The peace and maturity you have gained leads me to believe you...
That you are ready for greater responsibilities...


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