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Untitled [the Movie]
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Untitled [the Movie]

I dreamt a dream
I dreamt I was safe
Saved from everything and everyone

The cast was great
And the setting ideal
With the perfect story
But the plot…I still don’t understand

Starring as the main character
The one with the most lines
Love, lost love, anger, and depression
Typical war against one’s self - and losing?
But who was the director,
Where was the writer?
And who composed the SCORE
Worst became worst
Budget cut, and my actress left the set

Like all dreams
And all scenes
They all end just as this one
While the fantasy faded out
Reality was introduced

I had that dream and now it sits unfinished
On a shelf in the production closet
Movie has ended
All shelved like the rest of my dreams

I dreamt a dream
I dreamt I was safe
But it was false
I was just lost
A complete disillusion

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