Unwanted Child

I feel pain in my heart like a knife ripped apart it and sliced in two because of you I only try to help and care but my heart is so ripped and tarred unwanted child is always alone doesn’t have a real home forced to go from place to place and be an out cast of the human race wherever I go I know I do not belong in this awful place unwanted child cast out by the human race I help u all the time but you spit and said I am pathetic little swine you call me a loser a piece of trash u know how many times I wanted to destroy you I might be unwanted child you see but I do not have cruelty unwanted child does not know what to do kick out 5 times because of you un wanted child does not know what to do when I had a panic attack one day you staved me hoping I would run away unwanted child is what I am cast out of this forsaken land u try run me over with the car while I am alive I made it this far unwanted child did everything u asked I know you like to hear my constant screams you do not realize you so cruel and mean unwanted child tired being hurt by all unwanted child I may be but u have no heart no sympathy you got money that is true without it would not know what to do unwanted child is older now you see and u say you do not got love me or care for me you may done things for me this is true but it was cover a fluke so screw you I now can see u never care for me at all waiting for me to die waiting for me to fall I will not be in agony anymore when I see your souls upon the shore you will realize you done wrong karieal the forgotten angel will then sing his wretched song

by ken hietaLa

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taht is a very great thinking of yours. you are really blessed with imagination and true use of words. i really enjoyed very much. please read my poems at www.poemhunter.com/ravi-chandran i will be very greatful if you comment me \thank u keep it up.
This was my father, he sadly passed away on 08/03/2004. He is truly missed by his son Razu and will never forget him.x
A poem needs a title or it's like you don't really care about it.
loved your work...its great...keep up writing
Very interesting tribute to your father. Love to see more of your work!