A Birthday Wish

I wish you can learn the art to draw
Joy and happiness unbreakable law
So you can see how beautiful is this world
Keeping aside all things that're curt

Not always but once in everyone's life
A bitter bite comes that we swallow to survive
So think of it as the beginning of end
Where no more troubles in your way be send

And one more thing dear sis I'll tell
try to bring joy in the place you dwell
By gathering small hays of joy and hope
That can burn bright in the period of mope

And can show you the way to reach the morn
Where bright new beginning right from the dawn
Are waiting to greet you in your way
Because they all know dear today is your day.

Happy Birthday Sumbul Apa

by Seema Chowdhury

Comments (24)

I did not take this to be directed to one specific person like Mary Magdalene but to each person who desires to know him. Beautiful
Nice expression. Beautiful spiritual poem.
And which in particular unto thee is she referring to when Jesus catches her attention. In truth, this isn't Emily's in the conversation, but more a third person sinner, and we assume it to be female because the author is. So, my vote is the persona of Mary Magdalene. Could it be after the resurrection? On the road? And yet, Mary, the greatest of all the believers, still does not recognize Jesus, and still needs forgiveness.
Great realizations in the spiritual level.. tony
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