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Untold Tragedy
NH (30th October 1971 / croydon, victoria, Australia)

Untold Tragedy

Poem By nikki hays

Unfolding before me a saga
Tragedy untold
The miracle of life begins
The body soon goes cold
How is it that a star can shine
Above the brutal world
When beneath its light
A child can pass on
A little boy or girl
The battle raging
On this rugged land
To cruel to be
A child is born
A child is lost
A life that will not be
Torn from his mothers womb
An innocent life is stole
Before his first cry rings out
A tragedy untold
Indigo the color of
This limp and supple babe
It came to late to save him
The one who bore his name
Mother, tear upon her cheek
Looks up to woman there
And sobbing she names the child
The same name the woman bares
Ten years on the mother
Still mourns the loss of one
There was never another
To take that one childs love
An untold tragedy

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