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With a sparkle in my eye and a clever thought in my head...
If you make me mad, You'll wish you were dead!
My words move like lightning
Kind of like a slap in the face...

You better watch yourself
I'll put you in your place
And make you wish you've never knew me
I'm untouchable

Untouchable, you see
With a pep in my step and a smile on my face
What any man wouldn't do to have just one taste
It's not that I'm beautiful or have this great body, You see

It's that I get just want cause I'm confident in me!
But don't get your hopes up,
I'm not as easy, as easy can be
I'm just untouchable

Untouchable, you see
Not way out there on a limb or branch
Intrigue me with your mind instead of your body
You might just get the chance

I might not be as untouchable
Untouchable as you think......

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