Untouched By Human Hand

The dandelions, grass and borders wild,
Thistles, nettles, teasels, golden rod,
Wild roses, buttercups and mustard mild,
Bristling bramble, bluebells on the nod.
Birds and butterflies and busy bees,
Ants and beetles, centipedes and snails,
Wiggly worms and ladybirds at ease,
Baby frogs with springy little knees.
Moon and dewdrop, breeze and rain,
All a part of nature's onward plan,
That God's creations will sustain
Without the help of man.

by Terry Donovan

Comments (2)

I adore poems about nature. It gives such a wide variety of imagery and it somehow helps the words to flow nicely. there is so much out there that can be spoken of. This is adorable. Love Ernestine XXX
'Baby frogs with springy little knees' - I like that. And the rest of the poem. Isn't nature a wonderful thing? Love, Fran xx