JM ( / Salt Lake City)

Untrue Hopes

Freezing in the cold tides of death, I wait
Cold water laps up to the shore, running over your leather shoes.
I scream to you, but your eyes fall hollow, dark and empty
Nothing is there to guide me, to save what I held

The waters carry me away, and still you watch
Not a thought crossed your mind as you stared
Not a dream entered your heart as you watched
I was simply gone, treading the waters of which I could not conquer
Hopelessly trying, and painfully crying

My heart felt cold, the blood in my veins turned to ice
My face was white, and my skin was cold
But on I lived, with these untrue hopes of mine
That you would sail for me, finding me in the depths of time
Searching for a spirit, broken and dead

These were my untrue hopes, ones I knew would never succeed

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