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Unveiled Passion
GMM (August ^th,1964 / Denver Colorado)

Unveiled Passion

Patterns of misguided ardor
lace passion's gossamer shroud,
silken drapes of apprehension
swathe that which nature has endowed.

Like Salome before her king,
I disrobe before my lover now;
seven veils of trepidation,
a shadowed past I'll disavow.

Sinuous gentle-seduction
persuades discretion's rapid fray,
faith's threadbare strands lay in his hands
as inhibitions slip away.

Despair takes flight from slender limbs,
swaying before his adoring gaze..
Desire glides from graceful thighs
unleashing fervor set ablaze.

Unveiled I stand vulnerable
heart exposed beneath yielding breasts,
a humble gift I offer him,
the man who's lain my fears to rest.

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