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Poem By broken soul.. No more

Tell me,
why are you always mad at me?
when i do nothing wrong with you
i always took your words
even if it hurts me a lot
when ur not in your right mind
all i do is stay
and watch you do all the crazy things you do
and you keep on telling me to get lost
i didnt take it seriously
coz i know
u just feel bad about yourself
you didnt hear me say a thing
i just listened and swallowed it all

Tell me,
Why do u like to hurt me?
always wanting me to suffer
tell me not to blame myself for it
but who would i blame it to?
u said, im stupid
and that you only stay because u pity me so much
its not the way to treat a friend

Tell me,
why are my tears falling again?
and myself so lost inside?
im broken into million pieces
and my soul is bleeding too
when will u realize that you're not a hobby?
that i am real and so are you
we are friends, that's right
and might stay long that way
but with your foolish acts right now
i dont know the future anymore

Will you tell me,
why are you doing this to me?
only me..
When around everyone else
you seem to act cool and really kind
saying sweet and comforting words to other people
as if you're really their guardian angel
but when its only the 2 of us
all i hear from you are insults
you always hurt my feelings
and hurt my pride as well
i feel so down yet i never showed
coz i believe someday
you will see my worth
i know i am not a pretty girl
that you can show off with your friends
i dont look like a doll
just like all the girls you hang out with
i can only be the one who opted to stay
when everything one else was gone

enough of the pain i said
i took them all until i feel it no more
enough of the tears
i let them flow until it doesnt fall anymore
enough of your insults
you can never bring me down again
i might not seem good enough for you
coz even if im not the reason for you misery
you blamed everything on me

sometimes we really have to let go
though it may easier be said than done
but there's no better way for me
i should start turning my back now
im tired to absorb your anger
i want to hear no more
maybe its better if you're gone
maybe the hurt will be lessened
maybe just maybe..

now tell me again,
last night you told me you were leaving
i told you to hear yourself again
will leaving me make you happy?
will it satisfy you even if you know
that it will be other people's misery?
will that really give you happiness and peace of mind?
if that's the case
then go on..
but one thing i'm assuring you..
and it might seem arrogant for me to say
but you will never experience
how it feels to be really loved and cared for
by people who are true..
people who knew nothing..
but to be there for you..
consider the tough times we've gone through
and remember how many times you've hurt me
yet i'm still standing here for you..

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I think you should give him/her this poem. It might help him realize what you've been through, it might help you get over him. Just a thought....