Poem By Lily Ashwood

When I'm all alone, when no one is around;
I let the feelings out, I let the tears fall down.
No one sees these tears, no one sees my sadness;
No one sees the blood drip down, or feels my inner madness.
I have friends and family, I have those who care for me;
But knowing my father willingly left, has cut me deeper than any can see.
I often wonder why he left, was I not something he could take?
And when the tears and blood flow together, I ask myself, am I just a mistake?
To him I am only a burden, a bill he must pay each month.
A number on the check he writes, a child he does not want...
I've seen him and he's seen me, yet he kept on walking by;
No fatherly words of love were passed, no tears came from his eyes.
But I have enough tears for both of us, enough pain to fill an eternity;
So when I carve 'Dad' into my skin, it's his loving face I see.
Maybe it's my imagination, and maybe it isn't real;
But for that second, I can pretend... he is feeling what I feel.

Comments about Unwanted

I have been quite impressed and touched by your poem 'Unwanted'. This is replete with emotions of a teen aged girl who feels neglected by her father. I give it 10/10.

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