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Unwanted Child
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Unwanted Child

Poem By adi guna

from thy most treasured possession, love
she create passion,
the other desire
even how sweet it is,
we logic can foresee lusts
lusty acts, lusty decision
lusty thoughts, corrupted, ill-contemplated.
it makes vry assertion absurd,
vry decision seems too abundance,
vry acts more malevolent,
vry thought less worthy.
less worthy.
thus called by her the unwanted child.

one glimpse of her drowns you,
it's something you'd be holic for,
that perfect face,
that perfect body,
that nice, elegant way she grace,
that gentle way she treats you,

that's just a fucking cover.

her perfect face is exactly flawless.
one shall'nt wonder about her name,
because her appearance really be the icon.
her every needs fullfilled,
her every desire spoiled,
from that comes more sin,
from that comes more, lust.

lust compels, with power she rules
overthrone her mother which she adorn
and thus her power become more abundance
her malignacy be more malignant
her decision coated in peril
worsen, she is the one who killed benevolence
so no wonder lust cannot be outshone
for we are not strong enough.
conscience in dismay,
her mother help her out of herself,
for it is love's inclination to be loveful
though it'll only kill the Father who exists her.
and this is why He seperate us both,
even when sometimes logically we must love,
love and logic just cant love each other logically

what a taboo,
love's sin condemned her,
she was married to pain by compulsion,
watching people mourn vryday with her husband,
for that is the only sorrow she can feel,
the only thing she can't love.
sad, but without regret,
His tears runs infinitely,
for that is the punishment for justice,
even though that will makes us wonder.

what terrible mess!
lust really fucked up her grandfather,
that ungrateful child.
sadly, the twins has been seduced by her,
she made it with her little scheme this time,
but conscience's anger is illimitable,
don't think there's another chance.
do you?

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