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Unwanted Past
NC ( / California)

Unwanted Past

A past that is unwanted
a future with nowhere to go
a life lived in terror
with no more emotions to show.

there was no point in screaming
there was no point in fighting back
what was it i was fighting for?
I was to young to no that it wasn't right

i try not to remember, i try to erase it
but you branded me, so id never forget
I'm in a nightmare, waiting for someone to shake me awake
your the star actor in the story of my life.

No alcohol, no drugs, nothing well help me forget
I'm addicted to things that should be too young for my age
i feel disgusting, the hatred i have for my body shows
the scars on my body reminds me that all of this was real

the pain reminds me that this i'snt just something ill awake from,
this is my life and to live through this,
because i am stronger then the person who hurt me.

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