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Unwanted Visitations.....
ML (- / Philippines)

Unwanted Visitations.....

Her eyes are feeling heavy...
And her body is falling weak.
With nothing else to worry,
She finally goes to sleep.

The nightmares then appear,
Haunting her through the night.
She will be drowned In fear,
Its just something she can't fight.

She is walking through a hall,
Not knowing what's ahead.
She sees battered people,
All of them lying dead.

A piercing fear stuns her
So she screams her helpless cries.
She puts herself together,
And the light suddenly dies.

She hears someone laughing.
And she recognizes the voice.
With her heart quickly pounding,
She tries to find the noise.

the laughing grows even louder,
It kept ringing in her ear.
Chills up her spine grew stronger,
She just couldn't fight the fear.

She finally wakes up,
And starts crying in her bed.
But she quickly dies of shock,
Cause her whole family was lying dead.

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A bit morbid. But nicely done. I enjoyed it.