Unending queue,
inching up slowly.
Hands stretched.
Saturated love hugs.
Day in day out,
Dawn to dusk,
She waits in smile.
Un weary.
Mustached babies,
zombie lassies,
steps ahead slowly.
stinks of life,
sweaty faces,
blood stained attire,
bloody greed,
ego of body,
sorrow of hunger,
pain of fear,
live in death,
dead living,
wearing colours.
we fall out in a line,
death n’ birth.
By the time,
We reach you,
before we merge,
In ecstasy of love,
In your hugs,
We had gone through,
many bodies.
Microbe to man.
at last.
We lived as rags.
When met you,
All we asked was,
“Help me”,
get married.
Give me another toy,
better than my neighbor.
May we make a wish?
For a cone ice cream,
with chocolate topping.
May I ask?
Can I hope?
to reach you,
before this a-eon,
disappear in your bosom.
I wait as last one.
Guide me to….
Give me a hug.
Once for all,
let me in.

by Satheesan Rangorath

Comments (2)

beautiful composition, wonderfully laid out
a good devotional composition...your worshippig mind opens out in these lines to speak beautifully...