IOI (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)

Unwelcome Guest

Arthritis my old enemy
insidious and stealthy foe
attacks my joints determinedly.
An enemy I’ve come to know
as I grow old: Intimately.

I have no choice I must accept.
That when the weathers damp and cold
the aches and pains which I expect
return and take firmer hold
on any joint which they select.

This is the price I have to pay
for living to a ripe old age
There’s no effective remedy,
although pain killers may assuage
the pain temporarily.

When winter comes I stay indoors
resume my thermal underwear.
Don’t venture out without good cause
and if I must I take good care.
Make sure I’m warmly dressed of course.

Arthritis my old enemy
ensures that I obey the rules.
The limits which it sets for me.
Disobedience is for fools
prepared to suffer needlessly.

I won’t give in I can defy
if not defeat my enemy
It only means I have to try
to retain my mobility.
When normal rules do not apply.


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Comments (4)

Ivor it is a very good poem about a most unwelcome condition. A good day to you.
I'd have a brandy which will waarm the cockles of your heart and perhaps seep into those joints as well. I know the feeling you have described here, It has started in one of my fingers now, I am keeping my fingers crossed (which may help) that it doesn't spread into my other ones. Knees are a bit 'jippy' on occasions, and the bottom of the spine too. Yep, I reckon keeping active is the answer and the thermal underwear too. Really makes one feel sexy! ! ! ! ! ! Ha! Ha! Very wsell written Ivor, at your best once again. Love and hugs Ernestine XXX
Hi Ivor! Stay out of the cold, stay in the heat then maybe the pain it will deplete! *10*! Nice write! Thanks for sharing! ! Friend Thad
Stay most warm hearty soul do defy.