Poem By charles okoth

How unworthy art thou
That ye are begot to be unfit for love
That at thy sight love indiscriminately hideths
Oh son of man, that thy words patronize love
O’er the fact that love transcends all boundaries
And survives unscathed the monstrous of storms
Yet thy appearance it cannot stand.

How unworthy art thou
Ye whose appearance strikes as gold amongst clay
That thy looks drive so many a women to
Yet none yearneth unto thy heart to instill love
Thy acts of charm and of seduction they shudder
Whenever thou mention love they tremble gravely
Utterly stupefied at such pronouncement.

How unworthy art thou
That when thou avow to love they get hysterical
Do ye lack such an outright acquaintance to love
That when thou stumble upon it - it willfully
snubs ye
Hitherto embracing warmly any man along the
How dost it withdraw from thy heart upon
Like thy heart lacks the worth to inhabit it.

How unworthy art thou
Ye whose tears runneth dry at the mention of
Ye whose heart doth bleed at the sight of lovers
T’is right for ye to tremble with indignation
‘Cause of a blatant injustice and scorn by love
T’is nigh to wipe thy tears and behold the stars
Might it be that love is unworthy unto thou heart.

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