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TC ( / Mississippi)


As the pages of my of my life unfold as I journey thru time.

Temptation has enveloped me like a fog on several occasions.

I have allowed my carnal weakness to influence my blame of forsakenness.

I have been in the presence of my Sheppard on several occasions yet confession has not influenced me to repent.

I am unworthy.

The dark side has bragged I am theirs.

As I stand at the threshold of spiritual suicide I am reminded of my Sheppard’s willing sacrifice.

I am Unworthy.

Even as I am ashamed to utter his name his love continues to cleanse me as rain to the earth.

I am Unworthy.

To dream of gaining his favor while time still roams on this rock.

He has not judged me for my neglect but encouraged me thru his friendship.

I am Unworthy.

To hope for the glory of his love.

Instead I should be thankful to live in the agony of the fire, than to be destroyed forever.

I am Unworthy.

That he calls me friend.

That his love extends to such a wayward lamb.

My soul aches from the embarrassment of not choosing to rise instead I continually fall.

I am Unworthy.

To partake of his life, love, and chance of eternal joy.

However, my thoughts are not his thoughts.

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