Unwrap Yourself

By Curtis Johnson

Have you wandered off the beaten path and blamed someone other than yourself?
Or could it be that you never walked the path of others, because you were alone and left.
Did someone hurt you when you ran from the room in a rush, never telling others how you felt?
Perhaps it’s time you take responsibility and say what’s on your mind, rather than remain stealth

We were made to be inquisitive and to question, but you never knew, because you never asked
You cry and weep inside while something holds you back, and you surrender, keeping on the mask
Most of us understand being afraid, but it’s not good to remain in the closet, not accepting the task

Open your eyes, your ears, and you might just see and hear someone new, and discover it’s really you
Even you have yet to know the real you, because like a snapshot unexposed, you are still enclosed in
The shadow of the negatives; You are like a birthday or Christmas present, so beautifully wrapped
Don’t hide or be afraid of yourself or your shades of grey, because you reveal your true colors when
You step out into the light of day

You have heard it said of you, “He’s quiet and cool”, “She’s cute and plays by the rules”.
But did you hear when they said, “There is a dire need for social tools”?

Perhaps you have allowed others to define the person they think you are
This, you must forbid to be so, and slowly open your closet door
Come on out, show yourself, and have your say
Let’s fly a kite where it’s windy by the Bay

Come on and unwrap yourself, because you have been put here for a purpose
Unwrap yourself, because no one else can do what you were designed to do
You have been gifted and touched by God’s hands of grace
Step out into the world and leave your unique trace
You need not rush, but proceed at your own pace
You are more than a pleasing face in a quiet place
Without you, we will digress as a human race
So unwrap yourself, because you are truly loved


by Curtisj Johnson

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