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It starts from the moment you see it
It’s not what you came originally for
But now you suddenly have the craving
You try to avoid getting near it
But you know you can’t control it
You pick it up as casually as possible
You can’t wait until you get home
You want it now
You unwrap it ….
You look at it before eating it
Just to admire all it represents
You break off a small piece
You don’t want to start too heavy
You take the first bite and it MELTS
All you can do is sit and indulge…
Indulge in the moment of chocolate
- Jai Patton

by jai bai

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ummmmmmmm.... i knew it was about chocolate when you said ' you look at it b4 you eat it' what about the carressing and teasing part too.(and yes i'm still talking about the chocolate!) nice write ^_^
very nice piece. keep up the good work