SD (5/8/1983 / Lakhani)

Up Above The Sky.

Up above the sky,
When i raise my eyes so high,
To the highest peak of heaven,
Thinking what power to these stars at the zenith would have driven,
Where would He be there?
Who would be taking His care?
Whom would He be talking to?
What would He be planning to do?
My heart gets cold at His loneliness,
It throbs slow at His emptiness,
I know You are up there,
Always ready to take our care,
We humans only think about us,
Complain, whine and do fuss,
We never think about Your plight,
Thinking You are God whose job is to empower our flight,
oh God! i know Your heart bleeds,
At the plight of human creed,
And i know You too cry,
When Your child's cup is dry,
Indeed, You must really be sad,
Watching our world turned so bad.

by Sandeep Dongre

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