Up Elevator

Up Elevator

Was on my way to my apartment on the thirty-third floor.
Pushed the floor button and stepped to the rear, facing door.
Just before the doors closed,
An attractive blonde in fashion-statement clothes,
Rushed aboard
And pushed her button on the board.

I gave her my "mule-eating" grin,
Puffed out my chest and pulled my belly in.
She looked me over, top to down
Saw my tweed jacket, university tie and weathered case, narry a frown.
Smiled, eyes expressive as if to say,
"I'm going to make your day."

As the elevator began to move
She turned to face the operating panel
And pushed every button
From top to bottom.

Then as the elevator
Came to a stop on the next floor,
The doors opened, for the hall to see
She turned toward me
And flashing a smile as big as before
Stepped outside, through the door.

Down the hall, gone in a flash,
The doors closed again, at last
And I began my trip up, up and away
To stop on each floor - this wasn't going to be my day.


by Sidi J. Mahtrow

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I like the first stanza, it make me giggles a little, enjoyed! _Unwritten Soul