(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Up From Nowhere

When the Sun came,
I felt the warmth...
Straightening my back,
And elongating the stretched etches...
Of my expanding shadow.

I was not aware I walked with grace.
A dignity that prides my stride,
Quickens the steps of my pace taken.

No storm clouds do I attempt to identify.
Nor seek to keep my face wet with tears.
An escape appears that beckons.

When the Sun came,
I felt a disgusting pain held within me.
A saddened attachment I knew too well.
Latched as if breast fed...
And smothering my unmotherly ways.

I let it go!
It had to leave.
It had to disconnect a too comforting hold on me!
On my heart...
And the purpose unfolding to clear my view!
I needed to squeeze from that mental scolding.
I am through with brooding this misery in the streets,
And under sheets I toss and turn!

A yearning transpired!

When the Sun came...
I did not realize my burning desires,
Had turned my fire
Into a crawl!
Traced in memories of falling too hard,
And unforgiving.
Back when the cracks of sidewalks,
Were my friends!

That was how it had been...
Before the Sun came beaming in,
Thrusting upon me a ray.
And a reason to smile came!
To lift me up...
From nowhere!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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