'You and I, We've become Spam.'
'No, more like chewed nails.'
'The 'click' we had
is silent.
Remember our garden? '
'You mean our dumpster? '
'I mean this lack of intelligence.
You're always staring through the T.V.,
while my pen is leaking ink'

'Black ink, I could never stand the smell.'
'I know, when I'd shower you with poetry.
This isn't poetry, this is goodbye.
Bled from blood red ink, not our
tye-dyed fantasies.'
'Did you have to use my heart? '
'A pen just seemed so fake.
Nothing says 'red' like blood and
cranberry juice.'

'I remember our garden.'
'Yeah, I loved that dumpster.'
'Write me one last love letter,
we need a good ending.'
I just did.'

by Joshua Manis

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*Tear*.. Better to have loved and loss then to not have loved at all.... is what they say frankly i dont agree with it.. but i love this poem.. and alll the feelings... every single one. Missy Great job