Long Live Africa

O great people of Africa, you rise
Wait for no sweet and hollow promises
Prefer to plough your own field
There will definitely be very good yield

Motherland wants more sacrifice
Not happy with unnecessary bloodshed and demises
Let them commit cruelty and spray bullets
Answer them with your own hands and ballots

Key and success is in your hand
Extend hand of friendship to them as friends
If no result comes out of it then also go forward
Now there is no scope of looking backward

Why African blood has turned yellow?
Why do they bear pain and allow
Why there is no positive result so far?
Because you have stretched too far

Let your children not suffer
Even if you may have divergent views to differ
Stand united and offer resistance
Peace is he only way out and bright chance

We shall extend cooperation
We can maintain relation
Yet it may be you who only will have to fight
Means may be wrong or right

See that no innocent is killed
See that unnecessary blood is not spilled
Freedom must be realized at any cost
Your will power and tough stand is must

Leave no stone unturned
Let peace chance not die and returned
Pick the threads from where you lost
Human misery must be avoided at any cost

Dream about peaceful nation
You may be able to establish good relation
Peace may not be far away
Stand firm; keep freedom torch burn on and stay

by Hasmukhlal Amathalallal

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