(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Upbringing And Demeanor

From on the sidelines,
And from behind backs of others.
They will peek and whisper their false tales,
On those they wish to see fail and falter.
Those they wish to see internally bleed.
With a crawling done upon their knees.
And those they may even call 'friends'.
That's how sick this addiction is fed to them.

This truth would be sadder than that,
If those blinded performing these acts.
Could see themselves and their choice of attack.
But they can not.
For them it is part of their upbringing and demeanor.
To scheme and plot as their own crops rot.

But when one has been nutured,
With a mindset like that.
They have been numed to clues,
As to the depth of their own victimization.
And the weight they place upon their own backs.
But a complaining they do with voices loud and clear
As to who amongst them is not making attempts to share.
With their experiences that will make a difference.

And these backbiters are all over the place,
Unconsciously disgracing themselves.
And this can not be blamed on the children.
These examples are implanted by the adults.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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