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oh my gosh she makes me so mad
telling me i can't go back
shes pushing me
makeing sure its inconspicuously
i can't beieve this
all these tears feel like weakness
i'm sorry i'm not perfect
but we both know i've done NOTHING to deserve it
yopu were never there
why pretend to care
i'm starting to come alive
yet you tell everyone i lie
you did it again
your the same as you've always been
i continue to try
and you continue to hide
why do you continue
to hate me with everything thats in you
i can't concentrate
when you chose me to minipulate
i knowyour helping me
just not in the way you think
keep on pushing
all your doing is showing
for now i got to go
but soon everyone here will know also


by playdough person

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wow, ...........i wonder, as i see no poems or comments from you since 2010, if you survived. if you did and are reading this now in 2013, please respond to me. i liked your name and the comment you made at: Grape by yoonoos peerbocus) thanks for sharing. oh, and in case you did not understand why i wrote wow, it is in response to having just read your Update, which i found very grabbing, good, moving, magnetic.