Upgraded To Bigotry

What are you ready to express,
With such a willingness to project?
Whatever it is...
Consider this,
Perhaps it comes too late
To spark my enthusiasm.

Did you believe my sensibilities
Would park and wait,
Until you determined a date to awaken?
'With' self awareness?
And thoughts to suggest,
To anyone paying attention to your confession...
That you have been slightly more,
Than blindly resting between loud snores heard!
You and that image is so absurd!

I am sure you can locate some kids,
Fibbing in a schoolyard during recess...
At some elementary school to show and tell
And share your profound sense of self and discovery!

But keep in mind...
Those 'children' are not plugged into innocence,
As you might find your mind now released from shackles!
Today's 'youth' are not on the pursuit to locate anyone,
To keep them abreast of your insights!
Teaching concepts of role models,
Is as ancient as a slave owner
Looking for a buck to steed more nippled calves!
In some parts of the country,
Where backward thinking has been outdated...
And upgraded to bigotry!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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Why, even some of us South of the Mason/Dixon line have been upgraded, having our modes of thinking brought into the 21st century! ! 'Bout time? ? ?