These things say she
Who holds the gift of life
Who walks along a hard road
As time hold no means for at dusk
The word of truth takes hold
Who children shall over write one future
Children intertwine with the elements of
Past and future
Cannot control the fate they flee
One by one
Oldest to youngest
Destiny shall claim them
In the Corse of time
Past and present shall clash
Fear and lost hold new means
For these children question shall be asked
Children lost
But this prophecy, is not that of hope and love
It is that of pain
For pain is life without pain there is no mercy
Yes, these children
Yes, this prophecy is not that of hope and love
But that of the way of life
For each child that screams out in pain
Another screams out with laughter
Yes, it is cruel
For this is the way balance of time is uphold

by La Janine Garrett

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