Upholding A Transparency Promised

'I' would not say,
Appointed banking officials lied,
About upholding a transparency promised...
And expected.
'I' would rather believe a misunderstanding of policy,
Had been filtered to offset the comprehension perceived
By a concerned citizenship who had been falsely misled!

'But weren't you hired to monitor these activities,
Over a year ago?
To ensure the integrity expected?
And promised to those seeking loans,
And keeping good credit alive and thriving...
That would regain our standing as a robust economy?
This I interpret as lieing.'

I can see how you would feel,
A miscarriage of justice has been hushed.
Lieing implies deception.
To suggest impropriety is the basis of encouraged,
And legalized theft condoned...
Has not been the reason for their current failures.
At least none that I have found,
Under my watch.

'Then why is there no accountability,
For the billions of dollars discovered missing!
And invested by those patrons who have lost everything? '

'We' are currently working to correct that glitch in the system.
And hopefully a forgiveness will be extended for this oversight.
But to accuse anyone of lieing,
Would ruin delusions.
And we all know how important it is to keep them maintained!

'Delusions? '

Oh no.
Emphasized morality.
In the keeping of principles,
Our forefathers implemented with prudence and insight!

'Your point has been well stated!
By the way...
I've heard it said you are a great cook?
Are you a gourmet?
Or do you prefer to let your preparations simmer,
In a crock pot?
To minimize the stirring.'

I use the crock as often as I can.
Especially during these days,
When I find I have little time for impressive presentations.
Speaking off the record, of course.

'Of course.
With a point of view that is valued.
And...with a tasteful explanation as well.
How blessed we all are to have you as commissioner.'

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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