Uplifting Ideals Fogged By Realities

Any awakening called upon...
For others to do that,
To happened?
With an awaited expectation?
Has 'Sacrificial' worn somewhere,
Attached or printed.
And is easily seen!

This awakening into bliss,
Is not going to happen.
And that is as positive,
As it is going to get!

Generations of chickens,
Have been fed corn.
And they cluck for more.
That's all they know!

And those persistent...
With uplifting ideals fogged by realities,
Wishing this to be seen as wished?
Is equivalent to videotaping one's favorite pet...
Graduating from Yale with honors.
And that's...
After securing a Doctorate from Harvard.

And 'someone' somewhere,
Is going to admit to doing this!
Hoping to get a look of approving shock.

'You know...
I've always known Winston to be a smart animal,
But my goodness.
What a tremendous achievement.'

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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