KC (7-10-88 / palm springs)

Upon A Cold Winter's Night

A cold, clear sky. Little spots of starlight against a blue velvet sky. As I stand there alone staring up at the nighttime sky, a rush of feelings come over me.
A hint of sadness, for times lost, and disappointments had.
A gentle breeze of clarity, so I remember that it is not over, that I should keep the hope alive, and that the one person I am waiting for is waiting for me.
In comes mystery, my best friend and worst enemy, laughing at me because I want to know who that one person is, so I will not have to wait any longer, but it is his secret, and I must wait for the time when he will tell.
And now regret nips at my heart, for mistakes I wish I could change, and the things I wish had turned out differently.
But then, hope bursts in on a spontaneous whim, and overtakes my soul, letting me know that I am alive, and I can wait.
And finally, peace comes flowing in, softly.. just in time to join hope, and I am at peace, because now I know that no matter what happens, I can always stand outside on a dark, cold winter night, where the stars are like tiny specs of emotion upon a dark blue velvet sky.
And I will always know that I have the heart to hold all of these emotions, like this night sky holds its stars.

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