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Upon Broken Wings
RF (July 26,1977 / Baltimore, MD)

Upon Broken Wings

Poem By Rachel Fogle

Grant me the gift to believe again,
To reach for love and take its hand.
Grant me the strength to not be afraid.
To unlock the door that was sealed by fate.
God has reached for me many times before,
Asking for me to believe in him and remember what he died for.
So, in your kindness and kingdom of love,
God grant me the gift of forgiveness & trust.
Guide me to that place that I left so long ago,
In a moment of anger and a betrail of all untold.
Know that I am reaching for the sun to shine again,
To give me the chance to start all over again.
I once was broken into uncountable pieces,
Not wanting to have them found.
Just wanting to leave them,
Far & scattered thrown all about.
Not caring if the pieces were ever really found.
I still feel that way, more times then not.
That's why I'm asking you lord,
Grant me the strength to stop.
Help me see that life can be more then just bitterness & tears.
Help me shut the door to the pain he has left there.
I know in my heart you may hear my call,
And that in the end I have to find the strength to really do it all.
But it's nice to know your listning, and that you still believe in me.
For you are the only reason life doesn't seem so bleak.
So, with more faith in you, then I have in myself.
I grant you the promise that I shall not fall.

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