Upon Close Examination

Humanitarians are too often depicted,
As those being weak and having liberal ideals.
Like people who show respect when giving it to another.
And considered to be misfits, derelicts and other labels,
To disapprove of their dysfunctional ways.
With attempts made to raise the consciousness,
Of those not afflicted in minds centered on self importance.
And their undeserved entitlements but get as a benefit of birth.

While those who are reserved and conservative in action,
Are thought to reflect the best of etiquette and correctness.
Although upon close examination,
Their minds are left detached and kept to remain like that.
As their valued standards leave them entrapped,
Within limited pretensions they have discovered too late...
Sitting on their backs attacking,
Every immoral injustice they have created to debate hypocrisies.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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