What Good Is Poetry

What good is poetry,
If you can't understand.
What I've written down,
With my own trembling hand.

What good are words,
So complex and long,
If they make you feel,
Like you don't belong.

What good is a metaphor,
If you just can't see,
What the similarity,
Is supposed to be.

What good is poetry,
If you just can't relate.
The words on the page,
To sweet love or hate.

And what good is a rhyme,
If it doesn't make sense.
Rhyming for rhymes sakes,
Is just kind of....dense.

10/1/10 Alton Texas

by Juan Olivarez

Comments (2)

I have always loved this short poem. Surely these six lines are among the most sensual in the English language? Michael Greening
The last word 'me' is missing! 'O how that glittering taketh me'