DR (11/16/1967 / Flint, Michigan)

Upon My Death Bed

If I'm unable to write again,
for this doomed world will soon pass me by,
I feel impelled to pen a few lines,
that may fall under your teary eye.

Darling, my love for you is deathless,
for that it shall ever know no end.
Forgive my faults and times I have hurt you,
how thoughtless and foolish I have been.

Yet, you were forever there for me,
even though I was the one to blame.
When my last gasp of breath escapes me,
it will be whispering your sweet name.

If the dead can come back to this earth,
and spark unseen around those they love.
You shall know that I will be with you,
bringing love for you to take hold of.

I'll be with you in the brightest day
and even in the darkest of night.
Amidst your blissful scenes, sad hours,
in spirit, I'll be holding you tight.

Don't be grief-stricken when I am gone.
Allured by your everlasting charm.
I'll always be near my precious love,
waiting in heaven with open arms.

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