Upon Our Journey

Upon our Journey many fruitful trees we shall pass.
How are we ever know our favourite to taste
If we are forever wasting the present indulging
In a taste we have already relegated to a memory inducing nostalgia?
Only when striding onwards will we ever know for sure
That no cure for our hearts ailments lay upon the fruit tree
Beyond the horizon – We can always journey backwards
If we are convinced the fruits we left will never be tasted
With such sweet Joy again – But know that it will forever
Toy upon your mind if you do not seek to find a fruit unknown
To your heart. So hard it is to start again and allow the ghost
Of a memories fading to pass without a sigh – So hard it is to
Part with the skies that have kept us sane for so long now it should
Pain us to consider a lifetime without the fruit we have come to know
Yet we must continue upon our journey – Evermore we must flow.

by David Lacey

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