Upon Recommendation

They elected to become better coons.
And with their masks fixed...
For employment purposes and cocktail mixes.
To prove they were worthy and skilled,
At mastering diversed appointed tasks...
If asked and obeyed.
Sometimes against their high paid wills!
Although a dignity of identity,
Had cheapened,
With temptations that weakened!
They were still comforted in knowing,
Their subservience was awarded well...
And welcomed,
By the liking of their peers!
Who supressed their images too...
Upon recommendation!
And trained to flaunt their 'arrivals'
With the best of etiquette,
To diminish 'hints' of ghetto traces.
Then 'introduced' for acceptable appearances!
After a series of planting well placed kisses!
On butts...
Of course!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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