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****upon Reflection****
KR (29/08/1988 / London, England)

****upon Reflection****

Poem By Kaspa Richards

I look upon my eye and see my reflection
I begin to wonder why I've lost my affection
For you after you gave me such protection
When life attacked me from every direction
Knew from day one that we were destined
Coz everyone could see our sparkling connection
And I'm not here to even give a mention
To that side of you that should be sectioned
I'm just sitting here remembering old times
The time before our relationship went into decline
I swear to god I thought you was a sign
That my life would start an upward climb
Out of this gutter and into clear blue skies
We got close so quick I soon began to rely
On you to be true and never mutter a lie
I would always testify how close we became
You where always the sunshine to my pouring rain
Without you I was a lion without his mane
I was still me but without the passion you gave
Blinded by my feelings I couldn’t see this was insane

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