Upon Taking A Warm Shower

Poem By Curtis Goodnight

out of a showerhead and
or hot even:
"thank you gawd"
I've said it so long I can't be sure its a quiet
and then I intone the human's responsible for this miracle:
"thank you Luke, thank you Curt"-
solar installer and my own old hands.

I trace the trail back-
Through the heat exchanged tank,
the copper pipes I crawled to and repaired in the midst of
those 40 below sisyphean winters...
Back to storage tanks - the 500 gallon unit
I can no longer even imagine wrestling alone,

Into the below grade room I built
and backfilled with a worn out
volkswagen or two-
crushed wreckages of a relationship or three.

To a well that has withstood hard drought and
a dozen iterations of solar pumps as
the whole industry produced crap for decades
and jesus, the tears I wept over those equally lousy
generators …. oh yeah
And a marriage gone kaput.

That well is fed by the mountain snows I watch
right out my back window.
Those quiet fallings birthed by
Vapor risen magic over this blessed tiny orb,
itself a collection of so much
detritus left over from Mother Sun's creation....

Grief stricken
I monitor what we have done to our home.
Awakened and aware
I mourn all those species sent to extinction by our own rough hands
In my recognition that it is all One
I sense the reckless pain of my own undoing.

I whisper "thank you"
yet again as I grab a towel.

And go out into this faithful Spring and
yet again
Plant trees

Comments about Upon Taking A Warm Shower

I love the progression and detail in this poem. The marriage gone Kaput, expressed almost as an afterthought, but as Norah observes with a sense of sadness. But you believe in female Goddesses. Mine's the sea usually! I think it does us good to spread our wings. You have a very beautiful line in Vapor risen magic over this blessed tiny orb and a hope for the future in the planting of trees. By no means overlong. If I read a better poem today, I'll let you know. Did I hear Norah scribbling away in the background? That lady is full of surprises. Anyway it's a ten from me. A great poem to wake up too. No doubr you lazy Yankees are still abed! Or maybe not, maybe drinking off a cool glass of beer after all that tree planting! Many regards Tom Billsborough
Beginning with warm water and gratitude I love how this poem takes us back through a life to the source? Then to the recognition of what we are doing to the planet. But you are still planting trees with your old hands Curtis, trees you may never see? Interesting the lines about a marriage gone Kaput casually dropped in. No self pity just stating a fact yet one can feel the sadness. Deeply satisfying read. Thank you Curtis

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