Upon These Adored Shores

There are more people today,
Seeking ways to create sensationalism...
From that which is 'everydayish' and mundane,
That the seriousness of a diminished...
Quality of life,
Inflicted on a daily basis.
And is threatened to be permanently erased,
By conflicts entertaining those loving to fight...
Against what is right and once considered wholesome,
That the only thing kept prioritized on people's minds...
Is sex.
And who is deluded to do it best,
With broadcast advertisements...
Revealing which enhancements can create the affect,
Of performing such acts with less stress...
To achieve a successful and long lasting satisfaction.
With the hope that threats of war,
Upon these adored shores...
Will not interfere with our precious obsession,
To keep our valued fantasized lives protected.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

Comments (1)

Sad but true. The Roman people had Circus and Bread, We are offered Drugs and Sex, The American fall is what we dread. Thanks for pointing out our Achilles heel, in this great poem.