Urgency To Be Purged

The shadows chase and frighten.
No one escapes at all.
Some run until the sunset comes...
To find them peeking as they crawl.
When the sun rises eyes regret,
And their steps take a quicken pace.
Everyone fears the challenges near,
With attempts they hope to quickly out pace.

Secretly they grieve in pleading to escape.
With wishes to exchange...
The race they hate faking,
By replacing theirs with another's face.
But this process will achieve no happiness to relieve,
Since those who follow them to places where they hide...
Show signs they can be sniffed and identified,
With lies that are traced on paths that disgraced!

And immoral are they who use faith to betray...
For purposes to victimize believers of truth,
To mask their own demonic ways.
With an urgency to be purged,
Using symbols that fade.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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Symbolism over substance is fast become the New Age