AL ( / Wollongong, Australia)

Urgent Delivery

Lady, could you please sign for this urgent delivery
Hold it just a second, I have an important inquiry
Exactly who is this parcel of nicotine for
Don't just think that you can go rushing out that door

I'm not completely sure, all I know is it is urgent
The truck's parked in a no-park, that's why I am impatient
Could you wait while I find out who wants this smelly bundle
Then I'll know just where I should take it on my trundle

Hello Mr Heart, did you by chance order some nicotine
You must be joking, it makes me feel so unclean
Mr Lungs, was it you who put in this order of top priority
Certainly not, oh no, oh no, it never would have been me

Mrs Veins, did you make this imperative request
Not me, I find nicotine so constrictive, it is something I detest
But you could try Miss Bones, she who has her nose up in the air
Lord only knows what she might order, ring her if you dare

Excuse me Miss Bones, but I wonder if I could trouble you with a question
Did you perchance order some nicotine to help you with your digestion
You silly fool, don't bother me with inquiries of such stupidity
It's plainly obvious that nicotine will do nothing good for me

Mr Courier, I think there has been some kind of mistake
Your package will only give these people some kind of ache
Please leave immediately and take your parcel with you
Your time of departure has become long overdue

by Alessandra Liverani

Comments (1)

No, no mistake. All of that was ordered. I believe that the nicotine comes with tar, and over 4,000 other chemicals, many of which are toxic? Please, spread them throughout my body, and make haste.