HD (22/10/84 / Oxford(UK))

Urges To Release

I need to cut so bad
But don't want to let down my Dad.
It's been four months since I last took hold of the blade
And the scars are beginning to fade.

Let me take just one more slice
It's so easy, like the rolling of a dice.
I need to let the pain out
There is nothing else I can think about.

There is so much built up frustration
And I'm unable to keep my concentration.
My blood is beginning to boil
I need to end this turmoil.

I'm trying to ignore the urge
But it's like an electrical surge.
I am hurting inside so much
I need the blade to touch.

I need to see the blood surface
I really believed I was past this.
Run my finger over the vein
If people know my thoughts they would things I'm insane.

I need to dig the poison out of my skin
Can't bring myself to put my tool in the bin.
I want to pierce my flesh
So I can start afresh

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