SG (2nd October / London)


TV’s on
Sound is down
Of another day surrounds us
Scattered toys litter the house
And the debris of family life
Decorates every surface
The boy sleeps
Amongst teddy bears and dreams
The girl retired for the night
Locked away behind closed door
With diary and mobile phone

On the couch we sit
Side by side
He with his guitar
Bare chested and looking good
Strums gently
While I
Never without pen
Scribble away
In my note book

On my shoulder rests
One white ball of fluff
The other ball
Flopped out on my lap
Peace and quiet
Soothes and relaxes

by Scarborough Gypsy

Comments (3)

Soothing and tranquil, a lot of us would call it a 'perfect end' to a long day.
A perfect end to a perfect day
Your poem is very lovely.